The best of both worlds, Weeks 1 and 2 combined!

Ensemble Week




Focus in-depth on two works. with an option for a third group. 

Pre-formed groups are welcome (limit 1 per participant). 

Daily coached sessions with Summertrios' gifted and supportive Faculty.

Optional Lab Sessions cover topics such as instrumental technique, tools for effective preparation, rehearsal. technique

Scroll down for registration instructions and links.

Guaranteed registration closes on March 18. After that, you may still register and we will place you if we can. 

Limit of 10 pianists.

Cancellation: No refunds after May 11,  2022. 



  • A minimum of 1 daily coached session on each piece

  • Lab Sessions 

  • Piano Night with Jan Deats master class

  • Faculty Concerts

  • Informals/performance workshop - feedback from playing for others without the pressure of performance

  • Final Participant concerts 

  • Opportunities for reading with other participants



When forming groups, there are often open slots that need filling to complete the ensemble. We would be happy to include you if you are a match. There is no repertoire choice for a third group, we will place you as needed.

If you are interested in a 3rd group, please indicate so on the registration form.





Registration for pianists opens first. Because of facility limitations, we can accommodate a maximum of 10 pianists..

Enter your repertoire selections on the form, including those  for Piano Night with Jan Deats if you wish to participate,  

Piano Night 2022 looks at the Beethoven Bagatelles.

Details About  Piano Registration

  • Your repertoire selections will be included in the choices for winds and strings who register.

  • Unless otherwise arranged, participants will be in 2 different ensembles.

  • You may play  2 works (trio or greater) of your choice and/or include a work from the repertoire list on the registration page.

  • For reasons of grouping, pianists are encouraged to choose works larger than a trio. 

  • Choose at least 12 minutes of music per selection. Single movements are permissible. 

  • There is an $80 surcharge if you play 2 trios, As part of a trio, your tuition dollars do not stretch as far towards hiring your coach. Rather than raise costs for pianists across the board, the trio surcharge will help offset these costs.

  • Questions? Please contact Leslie at to discuss your options



Repertoire is listed on the registration form. Pianists’ repertoire selections are included as part of wind and string choices.


  • Select and rank repertoire from each section.

  • You will be placed in 2 groups. We will form groups with priority given to first choices.On the rare occasion that we cannot fulfill either of your first choices, we contact you to discuss options before placing you.

  •  Your repertoire choices should accurately reflect your current playing.

  • To better match players in ensembles, we have included a self-assessment. There are no wrong answers!

  • Indicate if you are interested in a third ensemble. We place you where you are most needed. 


Email if you have questions.

Guaranteed registration closes March 18.

How do I guarantee that I’ll play the piece which I want?

Attending as part of a pre-formed group is the only way to guarantee a particular piece.

 All other group assignments are made based on enrollment. While forming ensembles, careful consideration is given to participant preferences, level and is impacted by available instrumentation.

While we try to honor 1st choices in forming groups, it sometimes isn't an option based upon enrollment.

Why do some people have a coach or Intern in their group?

All assignments are based on enrollment. Occasionally, the only way to fill a hole in an ensemble is with a playing coach. Or a group has chosen to pay for a coach to join their group. 

My coach doesn’t play my instrument. Am I missing something?

No! Summertrios’ fine faculty are chosen for their skill in coaching chamber music. Their focus is on your ensemble, rehearsal and performance techniques, and the music. Individual instrumental concerns can be addressed through a private lesson with a coach (arranged between you and the coach and for an additional fee) or at an instrument-specific Lab session

How do I make my Intensive Week more intense?

This year we offer the potential for a 3rd group. We often have open spots to fill when forming groups and would be happy to include you if you are a match.  There is no choice of repertoire for a third group. We will place you as needed. We will contact you for approval of the group prior to including it in your schedule. Please indicate your interest on the registration page. 

Reading with fellow participants is a good way to increase your playing time. Indicate on your registration form what pieces you are interested in reading, and we will facilitate that. 

How do I guarantee that  I have a coach in my group?

You may arrange to have a faculty member play in your group (your pre-formed or other) is available for an extra fee. See the registration form for further information.


Summertrios takes place at Rider University in Lawrence Township, NJ. Participants may choose to stay on or off-campus. Accommodation details and pricing is on the registration page. 

The Summertrios office and information board are located in our dorm (Koner). 

Heading 4


Guaranteed registration closes June 10, 2021. 
We will begin assigning groups as soon as we receive registrations. Please be patient!

You may still register after June 10, and we will place you if possible.

All payments are due by June 30..


Refund of tuition/housing costs minus a $300 administrative fee will be given through June 30.  


No refunds can be given after July 1, 2021,

We strongly recommend the purchase of trip insurance.



Tuition is $980

Trio surcharge for pianists playing 2 trios is $80.


Add a faculty player/coach to a group $375-billed after registration and the ensemble has decided how to divide up the fee.

Faculty members are available for private lessons; time and fees to be arranged by the participant with the faculty member directly.