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inspire and transform musicians of all levels

It's so much more than trios!


Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA

ProAm Workshop June 8 - 15, 2024

Jazz Workshop June 8 - 15, 2024

Skills & Drills June 8 - 15, 2024

Intensive Workshop June 16 - 23, 2024


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June 8-15

All Instruments

Play With Summertrios Faculty

Step up to your absolute best and play chamber music with Summertrios' world-class faculty! Choose two works to rehearse and perform with the gifted and caring concertizing teachers. Receive daily coachings, rehearsals, and Lab Sessions. There are ample opportunities to sight-read with fellow participants. 

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June 16-23

All Instruments

Prepare two pieces in a supportive, collegial atmosphere. Each day offers multiple coachings, rehearsals, and Lab Sessions which look into aspects of rehearsal, performance, and individual roles in ensembles. Also, reading opportunities to just play - or practice sight-reading. Want to be busier? We may be able to place you in a third group. Bring your performance to the next level and leave with tools to use at home.

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Skills & Drills

June 8-15

Coach Jill Schultz has designed this Workshop specifically for late-starters and emerging players, to help them acquire tools, tips, and tricks to make playing chamber music a fun, rewarding experience. You will receive information in advance of the Workshop about the repertoire and details on how to prepare. Expect to leave this workshop with lots of new information and new friends. 

Finding Your Voice

June 15-18

Violinist/coach Liz Field explores the technical and expressive elements of rendering a soaring, gorgeous, sustained, and sophisticatedly articulated melody. Participants bring passages in chamber music or solo works that they would like to play more expressively. Emphasis will be on developing tone production and crafting tone into song.

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Jazz Workshop

June 8-15

Jazz Workshop is a program designed to enrich musicians with a unique jazz ensemble experience with like-minded players eager to explore new and familiar repertoire. Throughout the week participants play in combos, sectionals, and extra sessions for history, improvisation, and instrumental pedagogy.


Message from Artistic Director, Leslie Tomkins

Welcome to Summertrios 2023! I hope you’ll consider joining us this June in Lancaster, Pennsylvania at the beautiful campus of Franklin & Marshall College. We have many diverse offerings, so whether you’ve been playing nonstop since you first began or coming back to your instrument, there is a program here for you. We welcome piano, strings, and winds. Participants return year after year for our skilled and compassionate coaches and supportive community. There is still time to register!



It's so much more than trios!

Summertrios offers Workshops for adult instrumentalists of all levels. We welcome all instruments at the ProAm Workshop to play the repertoire of your choice with Summertrios Faculty members. Intensive Workshop is for winds, strings, and piano.

Each workshop is designed to inspire and transform a musical journey. Participants immerse themselves in music, receive coaching, and play with the world-class Summertrios faculty. There are opportunities for sight-reading, a variety of performance options. and Faculty concerts to attend. Everything happens in an atmosphere of camaraderie and fun.

Whether you are an advanced player, are returning to your instrument, or are a diligent late starter, we invite you to join the Summertrios community. Please scroll down to learn more about Summertrios 2022.


"...the whole experience was amazing. Really transformative. Count me in as a regular from here on out! Just want to say thank you again! I loved every minute of it".


The Summertrios faculty is what makes our Workshops special: world-class musicians who are gifted coaches. 

 "...[our coach] was amazing, and managed to give both of us attention and information, not only with respect to our different instruments but also keying in on the things that we most needed help with (which were very different)." 

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