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Chamber Music Essentials


JUNE 8-15, 2024

Check-In  June 8, 2:30-4:30 pm | Check-Out June 15, 9:00am

Image by Josep Molina Secall


Chamber Music Essentials is a unique is fundamentals workshop designed by Jill Schultz for string players who are new to chamber music, or simply want to improve. We work together to build technical skills, chamber music savvy, and tricks of the trade that will make future chamber music encounters fun and rewarding. Repertoire is carefully chosen to limit technical hurdles so that these new skills can be immediately applied. The Chamber Music Essentials is a fun and upbeat, non-judgmental, and always supportive experience. The week concludes with a short performance and new repertoire participants can take home to build a library of music to play with others.  

You will receive information in advance of the Workshop about the repertoire and details on how to prepare. Expect to leave this workshop with lots of new information and new friends. 

Tuition: $1,400

Room/Board: $600

Participants may stay off-campus, meals only $400

*Minimum 6 participants, deadline to register is April 15

Meet Jill Schultz

Hello and welcome! 


I’m delighted to meet you here even if only virtually. I’m excited to share my many years of experience as a string teacher with you. I started out playing the violin myself in a public school program and remain to this day grateful that there was such a program in my school to capture my imagination and spark a lifelong interest in the violin. I know how challenging and rewarding it is to play an instrument, and how being in the world of music can foster lifelong friendships. 


I moved to New York City from my home in NJ for its vibrant music scene and was fortunate to perform with many groups in the city. I realized early on that I preferred teaching, to performing, so I began to study string pedagogy at School for Strings, with Burton Kaplan, Kato Havas, Darcy Drexler who has championed the work of Paul Rolland. 


I had the great good fortune to work with the Opus 118 String Program (founded by Roberta Tvaras) in Harlem and later worked in the Scarsdale (NY) school district. Through all these influences, I developed my own style of helping students reach high standards but have a lot of fun along the way. I believed strongly in trying to weave other disciplines into performance as a way to enrich the experience. My goal was always to help as many students as possible to experience the unique discipline and rewards of instrument study - as far as I could tell, it always helped them be better students, better learners, better friends, as well as better equipped to keep music in their lives. 


I have also been fortunate to travel to other countries to observe their educational systems and play music. I am a strong advocate for these kinds of joyous cross-cultural encounters that have enriched my life and given me unique and important perspectives on education. 


As the mother of two lovely young women, I know the challenges of working, raising a family and helping children practice and learn. Besides my music and my family, and all the richness of New York City culture, I enjoy swimming, cycling, and ballroom dancing.


I want to share as much expertise as I can with you and wish you much joy with music!

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Violin and Music Sheet


Jill leads participants through a skillfully designed program culminating in informal performances. Music will be provided and will be available at the end of February. 

Topics include:

  • How to Prepare a Piece

    • Organizing your music 

    • Listening with the score 

  • Tone Practice

    • Bow control

  •  Bow Technique 

    • Division, strokes

    • How to “fake it till you make it”


Evening activities include:

  • Piano Night with Jan Deats

  • Faculty Recitals

  • ProAm Participant Concerts

  • Rhythm and left hand speed issues

  • Playing in tune 

  • Daily sight-reading practice

  • Working with an audio recording of your performance 

  • Informal Performances 

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