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Summertrios is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing engaging, inspiring, and lasting experiences with chamber music. Founded in 1990 by Director Emerita Lily Friedman and Betty Mock, Summertrios has been offering vibrant musical experiences for adult musicians of all abilities playing in a friendly, encouraging, and supportive atmosphere. Our imaginative, insightful, and world-class faculty invite you to transform your musical journey through any of our various workshops. There are no admission criteria, everyone is welcome! Summertrios is governed by a board of directors and run by a small, part-time staff. Whether you are an advanced player, are returning to your instrument, or are a diligent late starter, we invite you to join the Summertrios community.


Matt Buttermann

Administrative Director

Website photo credit: Dennis Dunn and Keith Colon


Dennis Dunn, President

Adrienne Nassau, Vice President

Krystyna Schnier, Treasurer

Connie Phillips, Secretary

Lily Friedman, Director Emerita

Lindy Clarke

Keith Colón

Doris Hall-Gulati

Gabrielle Hemlick

Sara Male

Russ Osborn

Judy Rand

Richard Sachs

Bri Tagliaferro

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