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The Summertrios Board and Directors extend our sincerest thanks to all supporters for their generosity. The following list reflects contributions made from October 1, 2022 to September 30,2023. With these donations, we can continue to "inspire and transform musicians of all levels" through the joys of making music and learning together.


Dennis Dunn & Susan Entmacher

Up to $5,999

Laurane Mendelsohn

Douglas Heady

Adrienne Nassau

Margaret Dahlgren

Connie Phillips

Up to $999

Anne Hawkins

Martha Blair

Mary Miller

Buniwati Lawi

Up to $499

Peter Dormont

Bruce Bogdanoff

John Holter

Gabrielle Hemlick

Judy Rand

Krystyna Schnier

Lily Friedman

Anna Armstrong

Hazel Edwards

Rosalyn Clarke

Buniwati Lawi

Richard Sachs

Up to $249

Cynthia Wallace

Pamela Geiger

Kevin Chang

Charles Jaret

Eve Moser

Deborah Hazel Johnson

Francine Christy

Julie Woogen

Hazel Lessey

David Anderson

Frances Ryan

Marjory Duncalfe

Lynne Beltran

The 2022 Summertrios ProAm and Intensive Workshops were made possible in part with support from Associated Chamber Music Players.

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