Summertrios nurtures a community of adult amateur musicians who love music and share a passion for chamber music. The extraordinary faculty make possible our mission to “inspire and transform musicians of all levels." Many participants have found the Summertrios experience to be life-changing. 


In addition to tuition, Summertrios relies on your generous support to maintain the excellence of our programs and move successfully into the future. 


All donations are much appreciated and tax-deductible. 

Summertrios is a  (501(c)3) not-for-profit organization.

Donors will be listed in the  2020 program book.


Thank you for your support.


The Summertrios board and staff extend our sincerest thanks to all supporters for their generosity. The following list reflects contributions made from October 1, 2019, to  June 13, 2020. With these donations, we can continue to "inspire and transform musicians of all levels"  through the joys of making music and learning together.

$10,000 and above

Dennis Dunn & Susan Entmacher

Up to $4,999


Thomas Anninger

Berke Scholarship

Laurane Mendelsohn

Stuart Mutch

Adrienne Nassau

Wendel Renner

Up to $999

Anna Armstrong

Doug Heady

Pete Klosterman

Verna MacCornack

Russ Osborn

Up to $499

Gordon Avery

Martha Blair

Diana Elton

Lilly Friedman

Richard Gotlib

Anne Hawkins

Ellen Hickman

John Holter

Charles Jaret

James Kohn

Eli Lilly Foundation

Susan Orkin

Carol Peacock

Connie Phillips

Judy Rand

Micahel Rusli

Deborah Weinberger

Up to $249

Coleen Alderson

David Anderson

Enrique Arolas

Lynne Beltran

Daniel Berke

Elizabeth Brody

Donna Clegg

Ruth Cunningham

Peter Dormont

Marjory Duncalfe

Hazel Edwards

John Frank

Lenore Gale

Marilyn Heller

Hank Horowitz

Ellen Isaacs

Ela Koniuszkow

Buniwati Lawi

George Litton

Joel Mandelbaum

Teresa Meeks

Richard Mier

Mary Miller

Judy Rabinowitz

Bonnie Rannels

Anne Rivera

Richard Sachs

Krystyna Schnier

Julie Spring

Leslie Starke

Teri Towe

Virginia Verwaal

Kalman L.Watsky

Jean Winter

Amy Wolf

Julie Woogen

John, Linda Young


The Summertrios 2019 Ensemble Week Program was made possible, in part, with support from Associated Chamber Music Players.


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