All protocols are subject to change as various health and government offices change their policies. 

Summertrios requires

  • All participants to be fully vaccinated to attend. Verificaton of vaccinncation is asked for as part of the registration process.

The university currently requires:


  • Fully vaccinated participants will not need to provide a negative test or wear a mask.

  • All participants on the University campus to maintain a minimum social distance
    of 6 ft. from other people while on the University’s campus,

  • Contactless temperature measurement readings of participants upon arrival to campus and a prohibition preventing any participant whose temperature exceeds 100.4 F from attending,

  • All participants to wear single use Personal Protective Equipment (“PPE”), including a mandatory face mask while on the University’s campus; if not fully vaccinated

  • All participants to engage in regular hand washing and disinfecting; and

  • All participants requiring evidence of a negative COVID-19 test result within seventy-two (72) hours before entry to the University campus if not fully vaccinated.