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Ensemble Week 2016      Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA



General Information​

Under Construction

  • All activities take place on the campus to be announced.

  • Laundry facilities are available in the main dorm building.

  • The Ensemble Week information bulletin board will be located tbd

  • Dress is casual. Some participants choose to dress up a bit for their performances. 

  • Music library: tbd.


What to Bring (in addition to your instrument)  


  • Friendly attitude, warm heart, curiosity, patience and a sense of humor

  • All music you are playing, and some you’d like to read.

  • Music stand + light, pencils, metronome, tuner, recording device, extra batteries

  • Extra strings, reeds, tools

  • Extra bath towel, Mattress pad (to cover the plastic mattress covers).

  • Hangers, extension cord, reading lamp, fan

  • Bathrobe, shower shoes, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, cup

  • Umbrella, raincoat, bathing suit, gym clothes

  • Insulated drink cup or water bottle

  • Bike and lock

  • Book




Dorms and Meals


, PA



Music Building

There's a shop on the main street where you

can buy ANY kind of rubber ducky.

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